How To: Add a nickel-free gunmetal finish to raw brass filigree

Add a nickel-free gunmetal finish to raw brass filigree

Gunmetal gray is one of the coolest, most biker-chic finishes out there when it comes to jewelry making. If you enjoy working with filigree pieces in your bracelets and necklaces, why not make them less granny fantastic and more urban chic by adding a nickel-free gunmetal finish?

Starting either with a brass ox plated finding/filigree or a CLEAN, DEGREASED raw brass finding/filigree you can easily do a fine nickel-free gunmetal finish at home SAFELY with spray paints or acrylic paints on a brush or sponge. For safety's safe, please do all spray painting outside, in a tent with exhaust or with the windows open. You will learn to seal the pieces with either matte spray lacquer (do outside, etc) or Diamond Glaze/ICE brand resin for a solid protective finish.

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I'm so dissappointed! This doesn't look like gun metal. I love gun metal and black is just black. Please post a video where the piece actually looks like the beautiful gun metal piece you are comparing these pieces to.

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