How To: Attach a crimp and cover to jewelry

Attach a crimp and cover to jewelry

Crimp can be made easily and covered to the jewelry by using the following instructions. First purchase the proper supplies of crimping tool. This tool acts like pliers and is used by placing the bead in the appropriate slot at the tip and then squeeze the handle together. The multiple slotted tips are the key to the tool, and are needed to create a proper crimp. Then, select the proper crimp bead. The thin metal crimp beads come in a variety of materials and sizes. This will be used to secure beads, findings and clasps to your projects. The sterling silver or gold-filled beads work best and should be considered based upon your project design. Size is also important and the most common is being 2x2 mm. This also will depend upon your project and how many strands of wire or thread you will be securing. Now place your crimp bead in the first notch of the tool and press, flattening the bead into an oval. Then, check your thread/wire placement and move the bead to the back notch and press down gently. This will create a V like pattern in the flattened bead, anchoring each strand to one side of the bead. Now, take the flattened bead and place it again in the first notch, rotating it 90 degrees so that the bead sits horizontally between the slots. Again press gently, rounding the bead. Next, place a crimp bead cover over the crimp you just completed. This is an optional step, but recommended as it provides a nice finish to the crimp, and also protects it from wear. Once the cover is in place, use the crimp tool and gently close the opening, causing it to form a bead over the crimp. If you follow the steps in this video, you can easily attach a crimp and cover the jewelry.

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