How To: Attach a lobster claw clasp for jewelry

Attach a lobster claw clasp for jewelry

This lobster claw isn't the same one you'd be cracking during dinner. This lobster claw is a clasp for jewelry making. Great for necklaces or bracelets. If you've perfected the meticulous and dexterous art of jewelry making, than this should be simple. This demonstration video will help walk you through the process of attaching a lobster claw clasp to your work of art.

Lobster claws, once attached, are among the easiest of clasps to use on a necklace, and they also cooperate very nicely with clam shells. In our example we use a 7.5mm x 14mm Sterling Silver Lobster, a set of chain nose pliers, and a set of round nose pliers. If you only have two sets of chain nose pliers, or two sets of round nose pliers, you should still be fine.

Attaching the Lobster Claw:

Lobster Claws come with closed loops, so you'll need to open yours up. To do this, hold one end with one set of pliers, hold the other with the other set, and gently pull them in opposite directions. You don't want to risk misshaping the loop, so instead of pulling them straight apart, it's best to push one away from you slightly, and pull the other slightly inward. With this method you'll create an ample opening without actually moving the two sides very much.

When the loop has been opened, all you need to do is slide the claw onto whatever you want to attach it to, and then use the 2 sets of pliers again to reform the closed loop. If doesn't close back up exactly as it started, then use the chain nose pliers to fine tune it so that the loop is tight and complete. Finished!

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