How To: Bead a Halloween skull bracelet

Bead a Halloween skull bracelet

For this project you will need some 4 mm orange beads, acrylic spacers, 4 mm black glass beads, 8 mm black glass beads, 10 mm orange glass beads, memory wire, headpins & skull charms. You also need pliers that include bent nose pliers, chain nose pliers, round nose pliers and memory wire cutters. Ordinary pliers become blunt when used on memory wires. In the first step cut some loops of the memory wire depending on how many loops you want to have on your wrists. Now take a skull charm and a 4 mm black bead and a headpin. Thread one 4mm black bead followed by a skull bead into the headpin. Now on the open end of the head pin make a coil with the help of round nose pliers. Hold the end with pliers and start twisting till the top of the skull. Now using the chain nose pliers, you have to twist the coil to flatten and neat. Make some more such skull process using the same process. Make a loop with a round nose pliers at one of the memory wire. Now insert a skull charm and then close the loop using the bent nose pliers. Now you have to thread in the beads and charms. Start with small size beads with alternate orange and then black beads. Also mix larger beds depending upon our choice. Now hold the tip of the memory wire and stretch. This shall slide all these beds at the bottom. Continue with this pattern by inserting the charm bead and again these small and large beads. Continue till you cover the memory wire till the top end. Now cut the memory about a quarter inch above the last bead. Now using a round nose pliers give a twist and then keep on twisting till you reach the top end of the bead. Just at the end, add another skull charm and then use bent nose pliers to twist at the last end of the wire. That's it.

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