How To: Clean Your Crystals?

Clean Your Crystals?


Today I would like to share a few words about cleaning your crystals. It could be a whole collection or the first shiny object you have ever bought. Here are some hints,...

Step 1: Two Ways

There are two ways that are mostly used for the cleaning of your crystals. You will need just a few things to keep your treasure shiny and without any piece of material disturbing the good looks of it.

Step 2: What You Will Need

For the cleaning of your crystals you should prepare:
crystals (off course)
a bowl of water
kitchen-range (not necessary, but useful)
a place under the sun.

Step 3: The Cleaning Process

Put your crystals in the bowl, filled with water. Leave it under the sun for around twelve hours or even longer. Or under the moonlight for a few hours.
Crystals are the greatest energy accumulators I have ever seen. So, keep them surrounded by the forces of nature. At least once in a while, if you keep them in your residential premises.
Put your crystals in the boiling water for a few minutes. You can put them under the sun after the cooking. The process is a good way to clean the crystals thoroughly. Sometimes their inner side could become invaded by small - grass looking- pieces. Like seaweed.
You can clean them at least once a month or even more often. That depends upon their looks and the frequency of their usage.
The cleaning is necessary if you use your crystals as a decoration or for the research of their healing energetical power.

Precious crystals must be treated carefully, with great care. So, if you have them, make sure, you take care of them properly. Just like they were, for example, alive.

Thank you for reading!

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