How To: Clean Your Jewellery?

Clean Your Jewellery?

Good day! This post will be about cleaning your favorite jewellery. You have to take good care of your treasure, especially if it belonged to your ancestors. And, if it's worth a lot, so much you would not trade it for anything in the world, if possible. Keep it safe in your jewellery box.

Clean it once in a while, especially if you wear it from time to time. Remember, that old jewellery requires more care than the new one.

Step 1: Antique

You will need:
1 ripe tomato
1 clean patch
for cleaning your antique jewellery.

Peel a tomato and use the pulp. Put it on the jewellery and wipe it with it. Than use a clean patch to remove the tomato pulp and leave jewellery to dry off.

Step 2: Gold

You will need:
a few drops of onion juice
1 clean patch.
Rub a bit of onion juice in your gold jewellery.
Wipe it with a clean patch.

For the clean look and extra glow (if you did not wear your jewellery for a long time) you can use:
1 old toothbrush
soapy water
1 clean and soft patch.

Clean the jewellery in the soapy water. You can use the toothbrush to remove the dirty parts on and under the surface of your rings, bracelets, earrings, etc. That can be helpful especially in the tiny, hidden angles.

Step 3: Silver

For cleaning your darkened silver jewellery you can use:
1 slice of lemon
some water
1 woollen cloth.
Clean the jewellery with slice of a lemon. Than put it in the water and clean it with the help of a woollen cloth.

The second way is also simple. You can put your darkened silver jewellery in the salty water for a few hours. Than wash the salty water out with some clean water. At the end just dry the jewellery with a clean cloth.

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