How To: Color brass flower findings with Lumiere paints and GIlder's Paste

Color brass flower findings with Lumiere paints and GIlder's Paste

Want to make even the newest of jewelry look antique? Then you've stumbled upon the right jewelry crafting video. Take a gander to learn how to color brass flower findings using Lumiere paints and Gilder's Paste.

These two colorants can add a vintage patina to your necklaces and bracelets.

In this video B'sue shares her latest techniques to colorize brass flower findings with Lumiere paints on a sponge, Gilder's Paste Accent and Diamond Glaze finish. She likes to drift very fine glitter into the final glaze for additional sparkle. Applying the Lumiere paints with a sponge on the clean metal takes on a washed tie-dye effect. Layer the petals to make dimensional floral clusters to wire on to a necklace crescent base (shown in the video) or to drip from chain to make showy designer necklaces. It's so easy you won't believe it! Just prep your findings first and in an afternoon you can compose MANY flower cluster charms or pendants, which can now become the focals of eye-popping fashion jewelry in the vintage style.

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