How To: Create a floral antique photo stand

Create a floral antique photo stand

This video tutorial is in the Arts & Crafts category which will show you how to create a floral antique photo stand. The photo stand can be used to place photos or picture cards and it also doubles up as a candle stand. A picture holder measures 4 1/2 inches from top of the ring to the top of the stand. But, you can have different length. Take a lid of a tin and drill a small hole in the center. Place a wire through the hole. Apply generous amount of glue on the outer side of the lid. Sprinkle beads on to the glue and press them down. Cut an 18" piece of 20 gauge craft wire and wrap it around a marker pen twice at the center of the wire. Make a 90 degree bend at the point where the wires meet. This will make the wire post to hold the beads. Arrange the beads on the wire post and follow further instructions in the video to complete the project.

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