How To: Create jump rings in three minutes

Create jump rings in three minutes

Karen Bratt demonstrates how to make jump rings for jewelry and key chains. To prepare jump rings the things required are a coil of silver plated wire, a pair of round pliers and a pair of cutting pliers. Take the coil of silver plated wire and place it at the wider end of the round pliers. Slowly bend the wire and form a circle around the pliers such that the wire coils. As you bend allow the coil to come up the beaks of the pliers until you make half a dozen of jump rings. Take it out of the pliers and using the pair of cutting pliers snip one ring at a time to make individual jump rings. If you have difficulty you could use pliers with longer arms. These form jump rings of the same size for your jewelry. For, key chains, use a thicker wire and bend the wire to form a larger circle. It is better to work with a copper cored-silver plated wire as silver wires are too soft.

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