How To: Create Steampunk rings with Gilder's Paste and Adirondack paint

Create Steampunk rings with Gilder's Paste and Adirondack paint

If you haven't heard of Steampunk, then you've obviously been living under a rock for the past couple of years. Steampunk style, which is an ironic style composed of designs that fuse anachronistic technology (proppellers, watch parts, etc.) with Victorian style.

Check out this jewelry crafting video to learn colorization tips and to see how to craft a Steampunk style ring. Come and explore manipulating filigree to make a ring, manipulating whirlygig stampings to encase treasures you can rivet to Steampunk designs. I'll even share a few new pendants I'vemade in the Steampunk style with you. Then you'll learn about Adirondack Paint Dabbers. They work nicely for colorizing brass stampings, especially pierced, textured and filigree pieces. These are acrylic paints so they are great option for those who have sensitivities to other colorization products. We'll also talk a tad bit more about Gilder's Paste and using a brush to best effect with that product!

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