How To: Create a wire wrap Tree of Life pendant

Create a wire wrap Tree of Life pendant

As seen in "Avatar" (sort of), the Tree of Life represents all the connections we have to one another as life forms, past, present, and future. It's really quite a deep concept, and is one explored in a beauteous way in this wire wrapping project.

Called the Tree of life pendant, this wire project includes a circular pendant adorned in the center with a twisted wire tree and opalescent white beads which stand in for leaves. Make this pendant now by watching this video.

Tutorial on how to create a tree-of-life pendant (a little beaded tree). Inspired by a comment posted on another of my videos, I've spent months making many little trees. Some worked, some didn't. Here's the one that I like the best. You can see some of the rejected trees on my Twitter site @CamilleSharon.

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I really appreciate your vid on how to make this tree pendant. You make it so simple to follow. I am trying this pattern but with crystals. I am going to make several for me and my sisters...I have not seen them in 35 years...I hope they will like them.

Thanks again for your vid.

You make it look so easy! Can't wait to try it.TY!!

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