How To: Create a wire wrapped jewelry pendant

Create a wire wrapped jewelry pendant

Learning to make jewelry is not complete until you know how to create wire wrapped jewelry. This jewelry how-to video demonstrates how to make a wire wrapped pendant. Watch and gather all the jewelry making tools to create beautiful wire wrapped pieces of jewelry.

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LOL..this is a very hilarious video. blessed b~

Good info and very funny. Never knew my tools could double as weapons. By the way, it wasn't a FAKE foam beard - that was a REAL foam beard. Thanks for the fun.

Has a lot of marbles in his mouth. Talks a lot, but doesn't really say what he is doing when he is doing it. Nee4d to decide between being a tutor in jewelry, or a stand up comic.

Man, I sure wish he would have said what it is he was doing. It looked good in the end, but unfortunately, he just wasn't serious about tutoring anything or anyone. Just the length of the wires and how he did the connectors would have been a great help. : (

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