How To: Crimp beads on soft flex wire for jewelry

Crimp beads on soft flex wire for jewelry

Throughout the meticulous and dexterous process of jewelry making, when you get to the end of your bracelet or necklace, there's a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. But to seal the deal, you need to crimp. Crimping is a necessary process for the ends of your homemade jewelry. This demonstration video will help walk you through the process of this crimping end beads on soft flex.

The crimp is an important technique that comes in handy when making connections to finish the ends of necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories. Our example uses Soft Flex Wire, a 2mm Sterling Silver Crimping Bead, and a 5mm Soldered Ring. You will also need a pair of chain nose pliers- these are crucial for performing the crimp, and it will be significantly more difficult if you try to use round nose pliers.

Performing the Crimp:

Slide the crimping bead and the ring onto the Soft Flex wire. Then pull the end of the wire back around the ring, and tuck it through the crimping bead. Once you crimp the bead it will be too late, so use this opportunity to really tighten the connection and pull the ring until it's as close as possible to the bead. Now use the broader section of the chain nose pliers' teeth to basically crush the crimping bead around the Soft flex wire. Finished!

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