How To: Do a center-drilled single-end wire-wrap for jewelry

Do a center-drilled single-end wire-wrap for jewelry

The long name of this technique makes the meticulousness and dexterity skills of making jewelry a must. If you aren't perfect in all your techniques, this might stump you, but practice makes perfect. Wire wrapping a center-drilled, single-end stone takes skill. This demonstration video will help walk you through the process of doing a center-drilled single-end wire-wrap.

When a gemstone or jewelry bead has been drilled through the center, and a one-sided connection with another jewelry bead, chain, or finding is desired, it's time to perform a Center Drill Single End Wire Wrap! You will need a set of round nose pliers and a set of wire cutters. If you don't have wire cutters, nail clippers are a surprisingly effective substitute.

Performing the Centre Drill Single End Wire Wrap:

After threading the wire through the jewelry bead, use the tip of the round nose pliers to curl a very small, tight loop on the end. You can then use the broader portion of the pliers' teeth to crimp and tighten the loop further. If you find crimping the loop with the round nose pliers difficult, feel free to use a set of chain nose pliers- their flat teeth makes them a bit more suited for crimping. This loop is simply to play the role of a stopper, preventing the jewelry bead from falling off.

Now, on the other end of the jewelry bead, curl a slightly bigger loop around the nose of the pliers. Since the nose of the pliers is so round (hence the name), it can be used as a great mold to curl a perfect loop around. Next grip the new loop with the tip of the pliers and bend it upright to suit the angle of the jewelry bead, and face the way you want it to. To close the loop, continue holding the loop with the tip of the pliers while you wrap wire tightly and completely around the base of the loop. Now you just need to trim the excess wire with a set of wire cutters, and perform any final adjustments on the angle of the loop and the direction it is facing.

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