How To: Do a side-drill single-end wire wrap for jewelry

Do a side-drill single-end wire wrap for jewelry

Jewelry making is meticulous and dependent on detailed movements and dexterity. This wire wrap for necklaces and such could take a little practice, but eventually you should be able to replicate this side-drill single-end wire wrap. This demonstration video will help walk you through the process of this wire wrap.

When a gemstone or bead has been drilled once through the side and a single-sided connection to another bead, chain, or finding is desired, it's time to perform a Side Drill Single End Wire Wrap! This example uses a 14mmx14mm Aquamarine Faceted Flower Swarovski Crystal and some 26 Gauge Sterling Silver Wire, but it doesn't really matter what you use as long as the bead has been drilled through the side and the wire is thin enough to thread the bead. You will also need a set of round nose pliers and a set of wire cutters. If you don't have wire cutters, nail clippers are a surprisingly effective substitute.

Performing The Side Drill Single End Wire Wrap:

Thread the wire through the bead and fold back about a centimeter and a half. Then curl the excess wire tightly around the base of the connection until it's made it around twice completely. Trim off the excess with wire cutters. Now, curl a loop around the round nose of the pliers. Notice that depending on how big you'd like the loop to be, you can curl the loop around different sections of the pliers. Wrap wire once completely around the base of the loop, and trim the excess. Use the tip of the pliers' teeth to reposition the loop so that it lines up nicely with the bead, and you're finished!

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