How To: Finish a bracelet with crimps and crimp covers

Finish a bracelet with crimps and crimp covers

Learn how to finish a bracelet with crimps and covers to finish a bracelet start by putting a crimp bead over your beading wire and then add a clasp. After putting the clasp on the wire run the beading wire back through the crimp. Move the crimp bead up toward the clasp leaving a little room for play in between the clasp and crimp bead. Take your crimping pliers and put the crimp bead in the backspace of the pliers. Squeeze the pliers firmly to smash down the crimp bead. The crimping pliers will put a u in the crimp. Take chain nose pliers and continue smashing the sides of the u together. Trim the excess wire off with wire cutters. Take a pair of round nose pliers and open up a crimp cover. Take the crimp cover and put it over the crimp bead. Then use the chain nose pliers to bend the crimp cover closed over the crimp bead. Next, string your beads onto the wire. When you have finished putting the beads on the wire put the wire through the other side of the clasp and back through the crimp bead, which is the last bead on the bead wire. Leave room between the crimp bead and the clasp and between the crimp bead and the last bead on the strand. Make sure the wires are not crossed before you smash the crimp bead. Then take the crimping pliers and smash the crimp bead. Press the sides of the u in the crimp bead closed, trim the wire, and put a crimp cover on and close it just as you did on the other side. When you are all done you have a beautiful finished bracelet.

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