How To: Form a wire earring hoop for jewelry

Form a wire earring hoop for jewelry

There's more than you think to making jewelry. It takes meticulousness and dexterity to be good, but forming an earring hoop makes the whole process seem easy, but don't be fooled. This wire earring hoop is simple, but that's just a little part to jewelry making. This demonstration video will help walk you through the process of forming a wired hoop for earrings.

You'll find it surprisingly easy to form an earring hoop, the foundation for classic bangles and other earring styles. This example uses a Sterling Silver Earring Beading Hoop, and a set of chain nose pliers.

Making the Earring Hoop:

Earring hoops come circularly shaped, with a loop at one end and a straight tip at the other. To make a simple clasp so that the earring can be closed and re-opened with ease, all you need to do is use the tip of the chain nose pliers to bend the straight edge. If you make a sharp right angle about a centimeter from the end, pointing upward, you will have created a simple hook. This change is simple, but goes a long way in making all the difference between a hoop and an earring!

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