How To: Macrame a cool choker necklace

Macrame a cool choker necklace

In order to make a macramv© choker necklace, you will need the following: string, scissors, and beads.

To begin, you will need 2 long pieces of string. Make sure that your ends are even. Fold it in half. Make a knot about an inch from the fold. Find something to anchor your loop on.

You should be looking for even strings facing you. Pick up the farthest strand to your right and fold it over the other 3 strands. It will look like a backwards 4. Slide the strand that it farthest to left over to the right, making a 4 from that side. The middle strings should be straight. Thread the end of the left thread through the opposite side loop and pull. This should remind you of the way you tie your shoes. Do the same to the other side. Pull this half knot up. Repeat this over again.

To create patterns with beads, count the number of knots you make and add beads, after deciding how many beads you want per knot. Continue knotting and beading until you reach the end. Make a loop on the end. Cut off the excess.

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