How To: Macrame your hemp jewelry

Macrame your hemp jewelry

Rayann shows us techniques to make macrame designs using hemp for the creation of fun, interesting jewelry designs. She shows us four techniques. First she introduces us to the half-knot using four strands of hemp. The right-hand strand is brought across the others in the shape of a backwards four, while the left-hand strand is brought behind the others and through the loop created. A series of half knots will result in a spiral design along the length of the jewelry.

Next she introduces the square knot, which produces a flat design, rather than a spiral. The square knot requires two knots. Start with a half knot, then follow it with a reverse half knot (the left-hand piece of string crosses over to create a "4" design). The two knots combine to create the square knot.

The next design creates a small circular loop in the jewelry. Begin with a half knot, but pull it only partially tight so that there is a gap left. Complete it with a square knot to hold the design. The result is an open circle in the piece. As a variation of this, you may take the middle two strings at the bottom, and push up under the circles. The result is the appearance of a square knot with "wings" or loops from each side. Using these tips you can make beautiful macrame jewelry for yourself at home!

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