How To: Make an adjustable cable necklace

Make an adjustable cable necklace

In order to make an adjustable cable necklace, you will need the following: 20 inch adjustable cable chain, a slide bead frame, 2 head pins, 8 mm bi-cone, 8 mm crystal, 2 6-mm round rondells, 2 7-mm jump rings, a pair of nipper tools, a pair of round nose pliers, and a pair of chain nose pliers. Clip the flexible cable wire to the desired length. Remove the crimp from the clasp. Unscrew it. Attach the clasps to either end of the cable. Bead the head pin. Slip it into the notches of the finding and close it, using the chain nose pliers. Attach the jump rings. Place it on your necklace.

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