How To: Make adorable Japanese chibi charms

Make adorable Japanese chibi charms

The term "chibi" means "small person" or "small child" in Japanese. While it can be used to designate such personages in real life, it is more often used to refer to small, doll-like characters in Japanese manga, anime, and jewelry/fashion wares.

In this video you'll miniaturize the world around you by crafting chibi charms, which are tiny people that you can attach to a keychain or your cell phone.
fimo clay (tan)
sculpey gloss
assorted acrylic paints
regular wire (for the hook)

everything i use can be found at micheals! yay!
enjoy and try it out! you'll love it

*i changed the name to chibi charms(chibi means little) at the last second bcuz my sister said mini ppl charms sounded dumb*

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