How To: Make an Alice Cullen crest necklace

Make an Alice Cullen crest necklace

In this video, Alice demonstrates how to make a crest necklace using simple things. For making this necklace she collects some materials such as oblong shaped rock or polymer clay, some paints, a computer print of a cullen crest and so on. She uses the ordinary black paint to paint the rock completely. Next, she collect a computer print of a layout for the culler crest and carefully cutout the shape and using craft glue she stick it on the painted rock to see it fit. she takes some white paint using a tooth pick and fill it on all the silvery areas. Then she takes another tooth pick and using this she take some black paint and fill it on all the lines. Then takes silver or grey paint to fill the inside lines. She makes it glossy by using nail polish and some ribbons. Now your crest necklace is ready for use.

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