How To: Make a beaded 7 petal faerie flower pendany

Make a beaded 7 petal faerie flower pendany

In this video, we learn how to make a beaded 7 petal faerie flower pendant. First, string 14 beads on an 18 inch piece of string. Next, create a circle in the beads, then tie it off. After this, add three blue beads to your first pico stitch, then go through two more beads after this. Continue to do this all the way around the bracelet until you reach the other side. After this, go through the first pico stitch and add one red bead, followed by blue and red beads to make petals. Continue this pattern throughout the entire bracelet until you have made seven petals in total. Add a hook onto the edge of one of the petals, then use it to string onto a chain and wear as a necklace!

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