How To: Make a button with a Badge-A-Minit hand press

Make a button with a Badge-A-Minit hand press

Nathan demonstrates how to easily make a button using the Badge A Minit hand press button maker. First, load the button back into the blue ring. Place the artwork, face side up on top of the button back. Add the clear plastic circle on top of the artwork and put the yellow ring on top. Next, flip the apparatus over and put the purple ring on top of it. Then, put the green ring on top of the purple ring. Place one hand on top of the other on top of the green ring and press down firmly until it snaps. Replace the purple and green rings with the red ring and press down again. Next, add the pin piece and then add the green ring. Press the apparatus into the button maker and squeeze. Remove the button from the button maker. It is now ready to be worn and enjoyed.

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