How To: Make a chain mail bracelet

Make a chain mail bracelet

You can learn to make a beautiful chain mail bracelet by watching this video. The bracelet is easy to make and affordable too. Start by sliding two silver jumper rings onto a paper clip. Two copper jumper rings are passed through the silver rings and twisted to complete the loop. Next, two silver rings are passed through the copper rings and twisted to complete the loop. Next, place the silver rings on either side of the copper rings and pull them up from between the copper rings, as shown in the video. Next, pass two copper rings through these silver rings and complete the loop. You can now see a beautiful pattern when you stretch the jumper rings attached to each other. Repeat this process to form several links. Now to make the bracelet decorative, pass these rings through the loop with a bead. Attach another set of jumper rings to the other end of the bead. To make the bead attachments, take a small wire and make a big loop on one end. Pass a blue bead through the open end and twist the wire to form a loop on the other end too. This secures the bead. You could use beads of any color and even three in a row, according to your choice. Complete the bracelet with a classy hook to hold it in place.

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