How To: Make a continuous daisy chain necklace

Make a continuous daisy chain necklace

This video shows you how to create a continuous, daisy-chain necklace. The materials used include: size 11 rock eyes in yellow, red and purple, a toggle clasp , 9mm thread and a size 10 beading needle. Start by sewing on one half of the clasp, tying a knot to hold it in place. Be sure to leave the tail ends long enough to be able to re-thread it later with a needle to sew the tail ends. The video then shows the precise order in which the various beads are threaded through to produce a chain in the right sequence. Bead placement and order is important to make sure that the necklace lines up straight instead of curved. You can make the necklace as long or short as you like, depending on how much time you want to spend. Once you reach the desired length, the last step is sewing on the clasp. Make sure you go through the clasp a couple times and back and forth through a few rock eyes with the needle and thread to make sure it's secure before you tie off the ends.

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