How To: Make copper cathedral earrings

Make copper cathedral earrings

Cathedral earrings are so dazzling on the ear and so much fun to make. You will need for this project: 1 pair antique copper plated hammered ear wires 2 pieces of 3mm cobalt Czech fire polish round beads 2 pieces of 4 mm cobalt Czech fire polish round beads 2 pieces of Czech bronze antique cobalt octagonal beads 2 pieces of antique copper 5mm coiled beads 2 pieces of antique copper 8mm beaded diamond frames 2 copper plated eye pins 2 copper plated head pins Tools needed are: Chain nose pliers Flat nose pliers Round nose pliers Flex wire cutter Take one of the head pins and slide one of the octagonal beads onto the pin. Now bend the head pin to a 90-degree angle. Leaving ¼ inch cut the wire with your flex wire cutters. With your flat nose pliers grasp the end of the wire and bend into a loop. Be sure to hang on to the bead tightly while doing this. Set aside. Take one of your eye pins and one of your diamond frames. Slide the eye pin through one of the holes in the frame do not slide through the second hole. Put one of the 4mm beads on the eye pin, next one of the antique copper coiled beads and finally one of the 3mm cobalt Czech fire polish round beads. Pull the eye pin back into the diamond frame with the beads on it and put the eye pin through the second hole. Bend the eye pin to a 90-degree angle and with your wire cutters cut all but ¼ inch. Form a loop with the ¼ inch wire using your flat nose pliers. Slightly open the loop you made on the octagonal bead and using the loop you just made on the diamond frame, attach to the bead. Pinch loop shut. Take one of the ear wires and open the loop on the end. Attach the frame to the wire. Pinch shut. Repeat process for second earring. Yu have made a beautiful pair of earrings for either you or for a gift. Have fun.

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