How To: Make cute mini cupcake earrings

Make cute mini cupcake earrings

To make mini cupcake earrings first take a piece of sculpey and make a cylinder. Make vertical indentations around the cylinder, similar to those an the edge of a quarter. this forms the bottom of the cupcake. Next take another small piece of sculpy and role it into a line like a piece of yarn. starting at the edge of the top of your cylinder coil the line of sculpy around the edge and up, similar to a piece of novelty poop. this forms the cupcake. stick a earring finding through the top of the cupcake. you can add decoration by using colored sculpey or add little bits of sculpey on top for sprinkles. if you are going to paint the cupcake do so after you bake them according to the direction on the box. once baked you can attach the earrings to the finding and then your done.

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