How To: Make cute mini polymer clay radish earrings

Make cute mini polymer clay radish earrings

MsKreant teaches viewers how to create cute radish earrings with polymer clay! Use Sculpey baked clay in red, white, and two different greens for the leaves. Roll each color into tiny balls. First, take the red ball of clay and put the white ball of clay next to it. Put them together and pull together. Make the white part pointy. Next, make and indent at the top for the leaves with a bamboo skewer. Next roll your two colors of green into long spaghetti strips. Put the two together and flatten them. Cut three even pieces to make leaves with. Next, taper the ends by pinching them together making the shape of a leaf. Bring all the leaves together at the bottom and pinch them together. Stick them into the hole you made in the radish and curl them around the radish. Next, stick your eyepin in the radish so you can attach jewelry pieces to it. Next, back the radish at 275 degrees F for about 15 minutes for a quarter inch of clay, but keep your eye on it so it does not burn. Next your radish is baked attach the jewelry and wear your great earrings out!

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