How To: Make daisy chain flower jewelry

Make  daisy chain flower jewelry

Who needs diamonds or pearls when you can make beautiful jewelry from flowers you find growing right in your own backyard?

You will need: a bunch of daisies, roughly 25, including stems, and a lovely spot for making your chain, a plastic knife, and other flowers like pansies and poppies.
Step 1: Slit the stem
With your fingernail or knife, make a slit lengthwise in the stem of one daisy about 2" below the blossom.
Two inches is just a suggestion. The closer you make the slit to the blossom, the denser your chain.
Step 2: Thread the stem
Thread the stem of a second daisy through the slit.
Step 3: Slit and thread again
Now make a slit in the stem of the second daisy. Thread a third flower through that stem.
You don't have to use daisies. Wild clover works well, as do pansies, poppies, and buttercups. Just check with your mom before you raid her garden!
Step 4: Continue your chain
Continue slitting and threading until your chain is as long as you'd like it to be.
Step 5: Connect the chain
Make a slit about twice as long as the others and carefully slip the head of the first daisy through it. Voila! You've created a crown—or necklace or bracelet—fit for a fairy queen.
Fact: The word "daisy" means "day's eye"—because the flower closes up at night, then opens when the sun shines.

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