How To: Make a DIY earring holder

Make a DIY earring holder

This video shows how to make an earring holder. You will need a canvas and some acrylic paint. Paint the entire canvas including the sides. You can paint it a solid color, or paint any design you like. Use glue to attach some glitter, or use puffy paint or glitter glue to decorate the earring holder. When the paint is dry it is ready to use. Simply push your earrings through the canvas. If you have earrings that are delicate, you may want to use a nail to form a hole in the canvas before placing the earring through so that you don't bend the jewelry. If you are using a wooden canvas you can add nails on the side of the canvas that you can use to hang earrings that don't fit on the front (like hoops) or necklaces and bracelets.

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