How To: Make a DIY spiral braided bracelet with a charm

Make a DIY spiral braided bracelet with a charm

Bohemian ware is all the rage these days - from bohemian headbands to necklaces to hemp jewelry, the braided, slightly undone look is all the rage. Get in on the trend without dropping mad stacks at a store by creating this cute spiral braided bracelet.

Make room at the top for a charm (choose whatever you want). This bracelet features a metal butterfly charm.

Make your own spiral bracelet. All you need is some cotton thread, a charm and a pair of scissors!

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I really needed to know exactly how to do this most simple of stiches - "spiral" - BUT when you do the instruction with a dark thread and on the dark background of blue jeans..... what do you get??? There were fingers in the way. It would have been super effective if done with two colors and of course the proper background.

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