How To: Make Earrings Out of Marshmallow Peeps

Make Earrings Out of Marshmallow Peeps

In this video from Polymer Clay Productions, we are shown how to make earrings out of polymer clay marshmallow Peeps. They use holographic yellow glitter for the sugar, polymer clay, and Sunny Side Up yellow coloring. Use a clay color and glitter color that match. Have some real Peeps handy for reference.

Make the clay Peeps with a round body, round head, and ears. Thread it onto a headpin before baking. Use tiny glass beads for eyes and nose, and press them in before baking. When they are baked and cool, coat them with clear tacky glue and pour glitter over them. String them onto earring wires. By following these steps, you can make cute and fun earrings for Easter.

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