How To: Make a fake lip or nose ring out of a spiral notebook

Make a fake lip or nose ring out of a spiral notebook

In this video from ChickerOutItsSARA25 we learn how to make a fake lip or nose ring using a spiral notebook. At the end of the spiral notebook, pull out the spiral so one loop is out and take your scissors and cut it. Bend it until it breaks off. Now you have a small ring. Bend it into a circular shape to it looks like a nose ring or lip ring. Now before you go and get an actual piercing, you can see what you would look like with a nose or lip ring by making your very own face lip or nose ring.

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i love your hairr. and this is a good idea, my mom wont let me get my lip done til im 18, so i'm going to give this a try(:

This is such a good idea. I just list my old nose ring, so making a new one helps with my hole not closing up.

At 2:43, that type of piercing is referred to as a "septum" piercing, named after the septum, the piece of cartilage that separates the nostrils on the bottom of the nose. Very nice idea. Have you tried with plastic spiral notebook material? Or have you tried painting them?

You are adorable! Great idea!

how do you make it not sharp? i'm just wondering before i make it because i don't want to cut my lip or something because its sharp.

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