How To: Make fashionable chunky glass pearl drop earrings

Make fashionable chunky glass pearl drop earrings

We've always had the impression that the only women who wear pearls are those who also own McMansions and tie cable knit sweaters around their shoulders at yacht club soirees. But now that we've seen this jewelry craft - a pair of chunky blue green glass pearl earrings - we're taking a second glance at these pearl things.

Opalescent and smooth, these pearls look chic rather than stuffy when they dangle from your ear, and the best part is that these earrings aren't hard to make! Check out this video for the how-to.

Here's one fit for a Diva (or those inspired by the likes of 'Lipstick Jungle' glamour). Its a simple project using this season's gorgeous big glass pearls.

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