How To: Make fine silver ball earring wires

Make fine silver ball earring wires

Make fine silver ball earring wires Materials: fine silver, torch, fire protective surface, eye goggles, pumice block, third hand, wire cutters, round nose pliers, rubber or metal block, ruler, wire gauge, hammer, rawhide hammer, bowl of water. Cut 1 3/4" 18 gauge fine silver wire. Heat the wire with the torch until red hot. Heat the bottom of the wire to create the ball. Quench with the third hand holding the wire. Remove from third hand. Use round nose pliers and turn the ball over creating a candy cane effect. Wrap wire around ball point pen below the candy cane shape. Use the bottom part of the round nose pliers to give a small curve. File rough edges off the bottom in one direction. Flatten the wire with hammer and work harden with rawhide hammer.

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