How To: Make a floral bib necklace back to school accessory

Make a floral bib necklace back to school accessory

Don't worry, just because you're wearing a bib necklace doesn't mean you have uncontrollable drooling urges and drop food out of your mouth like a one-year-old.

In fact, this necklace isn't juvenile at all, with gorgeous gold and black rosettes stacked on top of one another and teeny white stamens. It's the perfect accessory to wear with simpler tops like tanks and t-shirts. Also, this floral bib necklace is a pretty statement piece for back to school time, when you want to look your most bangin'.

Bib Necklaces can cost anywhere from $40-$300. There is a lot of hand work put into making one of these darling accessories. If you want something unique, might as well make it yourself!

Pearls: Michaels
Black Beads: Michaels
Flip Flop Glue: Michaels
Felt: JoAnnsFabrics
Fabrics: JoAnnFabrics

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