Make friendship bracelets: Alternating chevron

Alternating chevron

Showing a friend you really care is one reason to start making friendship bracelets. Not everybody wants to show off their friendship to everyone, but if you do, this video tutorial will show you how to make a friendship bracelet, specifically the alternating chevron friendship bracelet. This bracelet is the same concept as the regular chevron.

How do the colors switch sides?

The colors switch sides every four rows if you use two colors for your strings and set it up the way shown in the video at the beginning. Also, please take this into consideration, if the colors on your bracelet stays to their own side, like for example, using the colors used in the video, blue on one half of the bracelet, and orange on the other.

After you make the knot, make sure the string that used to be on the left side is on the right now. What you may be accidentally doing is putting the left string on the left side after you make the knot. That will prevent the colors from changing sides. Be careful of this.

Hollistergirl1O1 has been making jewelry since she was six years old. She designs and teaches how to make handmade jewelry like earrings and friendship bracelets, among other fashion accessories. Although not even a teen yet, this girl knows her jewelry!

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