Make friendship bracelets: Flip flop candy stripe

Flip flop candy stripe

This video describes the method of creating a "Flip Flop Candy Stripe" friendship bracelet using 4-8 strands of string and a clipboard. It is a step by step tutorial made by a young female with both visual and verbal instructions on the process of making the "knots". Throughout the video the girl narrates some aspects of her recent activities and keeps the attention of the viewer making the lesson more entertaining and enjoyable. After watching this video you should have a good understanding on what needs to be done to create a "Flip Flop Candy Stripe" friendship bracelet.

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i am doinf the flip flop zig zag, actyally how many times do you use one color till you change to the next color, i am getting into making bracelets, i have no place to buy thread, i am glad you are here

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