How To: Make gold-filled beaded hoop earrings

Make gold-filled beaded hoop earrings

Making your own hoop earrings can be fun and easy. In this video we learn to make gold-filled beaded hoop earrings with some wire, pliers, beads and an empty pill bottle. Take a 6 inch piece of 20 gauge wire and wrap it around the pill bottle. Then you take your round nose pliers and bend the tip of the wire in a 90 degree angle ending in a circle. You can be creative with what you put on for beads. In this video it shows a purple focal bead and 30 plain beads. So you would put 15 of your plain beads on first, then your focal bead and back to 15 more plain beads. Now you want to bend this tip of the wire so your beads don't fall off. You loop it and have a straight piece for a stem. The stem is what goes through your ear. After you determine the length you want you snip it and bend up the end. This makes it so it stays latched and you just finished your earring. Time to accessorize!

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