How To: Make a heart-style friendship bracelet

Make a heart-style friendship bracelet

In this video Kiwua shows you how to make a heart bracelet. She recommends that you start braiding the wool yarn from left to right and then progress from right to left. In the middle she creates a heart shape from the wool yarn with the wool yarn extending in four rays from both sides of the heart. The same steps are repeated with a different color of string each time, braiding the yarn once again beginning from left to right and then proceeding to the right hand side and knitting over from right to the left, bringing the knit together in the middle to create the second heart. She suggests using your fingers to measure out the size of the middle of the heart, this ensures even size. The procedure is repeated several times in order to braid your self a heart bracelet.

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Hi there, what length measurement for the wool yarn would you suggest if you wanted to make a 'one size fits all' bracelet?

spread your arms in front of you to make a wide v fold it in half and make it slightly bigger than your wrist but to where it still fits is how i do it

This is a good idea, a simple twist on creating just a regular braided bracelet. Thanks for sharing! We are going to try to make them at our meeting tonight.

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