How To: Make jump rings to make chain mail jewelry

Make jump rings to make chain mail jewelry

Jump rings are super functional in jewelry making, allowing crafters to connecting disparate sections of a necklace easily and also serving as their own minimalist decor. If you're into the look of chain mail (which is just that - lots of chains connected together via jump rings), then you should check out this video to learn how to craft your own jump rings.

Dig intricate designs? Learn to make your own custom jump rings consistently and easily in this Beads Baubles and Jewels episode.

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Many problems with this:
(1) Way too many specialized tools [worst problem]
(2) They mention chain mail but working with the right metal for mail would be very difficult with these tools
(3) They make a point to wear safety goggles despite the use of two specialized guards that won't let things fly out at you.

Super easy to understand
Uses a specialized tool -they don't say which brand ?maybe Pepe?

For chain maille, interior diameter very important ... This method must remove some material and therefor reduce interior diameter. Plumlee says to expect jump rings about .25mm smaller than mandrel.

Ps no matter - ALWAYS wear safety glasses when using high speed rotary devices. And make sure your pets & children are safe distance away!

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