How To: Make Nintendo perler bead necklaces

Make Nintendo perler bead necklaces

The video tutorial is about creating an 8 or 16 bit Nintendo Character necklace. The first step is to select or search an 8 or 16 bit game character, the person in this video tutorial recommends choosing a sprite (which is a 2D character. Doing online search will help a lot in finding a Sprite character. The second step is to gather the supplies such as Perler Beads and Peg Boards. The peg board will be used in assembling the Nintendo Character necklace. Other supplies includes ring, chain and a tracing paper. The third step is placing the beads on the peg board, in this step it is necessary to look at the sprite character that was chosen in making the Nintendo Necklace. After the character is completed and all the beads are in place, the next step will be to place the tracing paper on top of the peg board with the assembled beaded character. After placing the tracing paper on top of the character it must be ironed. The tracing paper must be peeled off the character once the color leaks through it. This process must also be done in the opposite side of the character. The next process includes attaching the ring to the character. After the ring is attached the last step is to slide the chain through the ring. After following all these steps your Nintendo Character Necklace is done.

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