How To: Make a pair of hematite hoop earrings

Make a pair of hematite hoop earrings

The first step in making a pair of hematite hoop earrings is to gather your supplies. You are going to need some needle nose pliers, two head pins, a hood bead, a small bead, a bigger bead, and two French earring hooks. First, take a head pin and insert it into one of the holes on the loop bead. Follow with the smaller bead and then the larger one. Then, taking your needle nose pliers, bead the remaining wire of the pin 45 degrees. After that, go above the bend about a quarter of an inch and start to roll the wire towards the beads around the pliers. Before completing this step, slide the loop of the earring hook and then complete the loop. Adjust to center if necessary and then close the loop. Repeat for the other earring.

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