How To: Make a Peruvian macramé bracelet

Make a Peruvian macramé bracelet

Add a little South American flavor to your wrist by learning to make your own Peruvian bracelet. You'll need some heavy string and some macramé skills to craft your own Peru-style bracelet, but trust us—it's not hard. Just follow along with the video and see how easy it is.

To make the one seen in the video, you'll need 6 pieces of macramé material (cotton twine, help, leather or yarn) and a piece of heavy string about 20 inches long.

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That is beautiful.Can you do a vid in slow mo?

this is what i needed.... great!!..

I love it! Can't wait to try my luck, but it would be nice if I had instructions I could print out. Also, it seems to me if you anchored your black string over a nail on your board or used a clip board you would not have had to keep pushing your storage box away from you. I also loved the colors you used. I'm going to play the video again to see if you told me what type cord you are using. Thanks for the instructions. May God Bless!

Could someone tell what fibre and its thickness being used in the video. I bought materal and got it wrong


Would love to know the "type" and "size" of nylon cord that you are using. It's so hard to try to guess, not to mention, expensive if you guess wrong! Please tell me the size or gauge of your cord. "macrame cord" is too general. Thanks!

It looks like size 2 Nylon Crochet thread....I use the same for my lighter cozies. Hobby Lobby is your best bet, it's pretty pricey anywhere else, they sell Omega but are now in the process of bringing in their own brand Artiste. So far the new brand is holding up for me. I just made this as a necklace with that thread. There are a couple of other brands out there but they don't hold up and tend to fall apart. Spools run between $3 and $4. Hope this helps you! Good luck!

Please please let us know type and size of cording ! Thank you

I have not found written instructions anywhere for this bracelet .However your instructions are pretty easy to follow ,but you are way to vauge on the type of cord you are useing . Please let me know what it is .I think the black is a 2mm nylon . But what is the colored cording ? thank you

would love to know the size and cord you used it would be very kind

Where can one buy the thread for this. The DMC thread is 6 strands and not the same texture. If I tried to burn the DMC thread at the end it doesn't meld together like yours does. Thank you. Your work is absolutely beautiful

i love the colors too. i tried too make one of these with cotton thread that looked like what you used but it didn't have the same effect. where can you get the string?

do you anwser any of the questions that is ask and if so where are the anwsers

had a pathetic amount of trouble getting the first few knots. could you maybe do the beginning in super-slow motion so people can see exactly what you're doing with the threads?

I am definitely going to make this tomorrow...elegantly beautiful..need more videos like this..Thank you for sharing

Ok,to start off, ive been looking for this type of string FOREVER!

and it doesent seen like anyone knows where to get it;

and its getting pretty annoying now...

because i got 2 of these type of bracelets from the beach and theyre so easy to make

but i cant find the right string anywhere & the person who made this video obviously isnt telling anyone...

but im still hoping someone can figure it out :[...

well, Why not just coat the end of your bracelet in wax and the melt it? it's worth a shot and easy as hell to do. Just hold the wax block and slowly slide the DMC through at the ends. I'm willing to bet he's using a form of colored Hemp string, which could be found at a Michaels Craft Store. It's stiffer then DMC, and great for knot-bracelets. Note that the strings he uses don't fray despite how dull his sizzors are.

To anyone that is still watching this video and has questions like the ones in the comments:

I used embroidery floss (in place of macrame) and chain (in place of the "heavier stuff") and it came out AMAZING! It looked exactly like it was supposed to look. The only different is to tie off the floss like you do in the beginning when you reach the end (and i sealed it with some wax just in case, but that isn't necessary).

Also, the knot he uses is probably the simplest one. All one does is take the string [that you want to tie around the other string], thread it under the other string, and then thread it back on top of it. It's extremely simple, but he makes it look more difficult. And, like he says, you have to do that knot twice in a row for it to hold.

I hope this helped! Good luck and have fun making this bracelet! x-*

c-lon cord looks like the right thread but not 100% on this

For anyone who is still interested... It looks like size 2 nylon crochet thread. You can find it at Hobby Lobby, each spool runs between $3 and $4 (it's pretty pricey anywhere else although you may be able to find some online on clearance). They sell the brand Omega for only a short time as they are sourcing it out to bring in their own brand Artiste. So far so good when it comes to quality and the colors are wonderful. I have used other brands but they tend to fall apart or "unbraid" really easily. I use the same thing for my lighter cozies. It is usually located on an end aisle of the crochet thread. I just made this pattern as a necklace out of it and it looks amazing! I love this! Hope this helps everyone!

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