How To: Make picture perfect frames cameo necklace pendants

Make picture perfect frames cameo necklace pendants

This cameo style necklace pendant is made out of little picture frames, scrapbooking paper, vintage photographs, magazine cut outs, or whatever you want. These charms have a great antique feel. Learn how to craft a picture perfect frame cameo-style necklace pendant by watching this video jewelry-making tutorial.

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thanks for the info about what kind of paper to use.

This video was so helpful but I couldn't find Diamond Glaze anywhere!! I tried Aleene's Paper Glaze and that didn't work so well. It dried unevenly. Next I tried Glossy Accents by Inkssentials and that works really well. From my experience, it doesn't distort printed images. Thank you for the inspiration!!

Ebay carries it. The video was by aunties beads so they probably have it too. I believe B'Sue carries it too.

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