How To: Make a polymer clay charm bracelet

Make a polymer clay charm bracelet

kriquit describes how to make a PacMan charm bracelet in this video. She uses various colors of polymer clay to make Mr.. and ms. PacMan and the little ghosts. The color she uses are red, blue, pink, orange, yellow and white and black for the eyes. She also says that you need some hardware tools: a poster roller, wire tools, quick drying glue, needle tool, a flexible razor blade (to cut the polymer clay), chain for the bracelet, 24 gauge wire and a lobster clasp. She makes the shapes using the poster roller, and then cutting the clay to the appropriate shape, using the glue when necessary. When all shapes are finished, they are sent to the oven for approximately 20 minutes at 275ºF. Meanwhile, she measure the right size of the chain to her bracelet and attaches the lobster clasp at one end. When the shapes are done, she just hangs them through the chain, using a ball shape at the other end, to close with the lobster clasp. Finally, some glue to make sure all stays at place and Done! You have made a brand new PacMan bracelet!

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