How To: Make a polymer clay jellyroll cane

Make a polymer clay jellyroll cane

Jill Erickson from Art Jewelry Magazine demonstrates how to make a Jellyroll cane with polymer clay. Condition two different colors of clay by running them through a pasta machine set on medium. Then, trim off any rough edges. Stack the clay on top of each other and place a little bit of pressure on it to confirm the two layers. Using a blade slightly bevel the edges. Slide the blade underneath the two layers of clay for easier handling. Place a think snake of clay in the contrasting color on top of the first layer of clay and begin to roll the clay around the snake. Apply light pressure as you're rolling the clay to avoid air bubbles. Press the seam closed and roll the cane on the work surface. Let the clay cool before cutting it. Trim the edges. Your cane can now be reduced and sliced for your projects.

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