How To: Make a scalloped edge bobby pin accessory

Make a scalloped edge bobby pin accessory

In order to make a scalloped edged bobby pin accessory, you will need the following: wire, a bobby pin, small beads, a ruler, and scissors. Cut about 2 feet of wire. Fold the wire in half. Lace the wire through the bobby pin. Anchor it by wrapping it around the exterior. Then, repeat with the other end of wire. You will repeat this, in order to secure each bead. Begin sliding the beads on the wire. Group three at a time, remembering to anchor them. When you reach then end, begin scalloping. Add six beads to the wire. Loop the wire back and slip it through the bobby pin. Add six beads to the other side and loop it back. When you reach the end, clip it and tuck in the excess.

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