How To: Make a Scrabble tile pendant for necklaces or earrings

Make a Scrabble tile pendant for necklaces or earrings

Scrabble isn't just for playing Scrabble anymore— there's a whole world of uses for the game and its pieces. One particular use is in jewelry— those Scrabble letter tiles are the perfect size for creating DIY pendants!

In this video, you'll get a step-by-step guide on how you can create your own Scrabble tiles pendants, which are gaining popularity in young adults (believe it or not) as earrings or necklaces. To start off with, make sure you have some Scrabble letters. You don't have to purchase the complete Scrabble set to get them either. You can find plenty of places on the web that sells them separately. Even Hasbro sells replacement tiles for their game.

Once you have your Scrabble tiles, you'll need an image. You can design your own or print a predesigned picture, but thin paper is best used. Make sure it's the size of the Scrabble tile. It's best to create a Photoshop document and do more than one image at a time, because you can fit a lot of images on one sheet of paper. Then, print them out in high quality (at a copying shop, if you must). Then— cut it out!

You'll also need Mod Podge, a small paintbrush, a silver-plated pendant bail, and either Diamond Glaze water-based dimensional adhesive or Lisa Pavelka Magic-Glos (or something similar). The Diamond Glaze is the one used in this video. Watch the full video to catch the rest of the information on making pendants from wooden Scrabble letter tiles!

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I was wondering how I resize my picture to fit? and what is the exact size I need to crop my picture to fit the peice? If U could help me, that would be great, what is the best kinda paper to use?

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